The Peak Coffee Bar is the perfect place for you to enjoy a cuppa with friends or family. Whether you’re gearing up for a long day of hiking or simply craving a caffeine boost, this coffee bar offers a rustic ambiance with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. Our coffee is expertly brewed, with a rich and robust flavour that is sure to satisfy any coffee lover’s craving. For those who don’t drink coffee, there are plenty of other options available, including hot chocolate, milkshakes and a variety of teas. You can enjoy your coffee at the bar, in the lounge around the fireplace or out on the terraces where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the mountain views.

Coffee Bar Menu

T h e  L i g h t  S i d e

Carrot and Peacan Muffin                35
served with butter, cheese and homemade apricot jam

Choc Chip Muffin                                   25

Savoury Muffin                                        40
served with butter and chicken mayo


L u n c h  T i m e

Beef Burger                                              85
served with chips or salad

Chicken Quiche                                      65
served with chips or salad

Steak                                                          195
served with chips or salad

Shamrock Pie                                           55
ask for options – served with chips or salad

T o a s t i e s

Cheese                                                      45
Cheese and Bacon                             50
Cheese and Tomato                          50
Cheese, Bacon and Egg                   55
Chicken Mayo                                       60
Ham and Cheese                                 50


E x t r a s

Plate of rustic chips                           45
Cheese                                                      10
Bacon                                                         15


S w e e t  S i d e

Milk Tart                                                   40
Cake of the Day                                    45

Coffee Bar Menu

Hot Beverages

                     Single                                   18

                    Double                                 30  

                     Single                                   25
                    Double                                 40

                     Single                                   30
                    Double                                 50

Rooibos/Five Roses                            18

Caffe Latte                                           45

Homemade Hot Chocolate        40

Babyccino                                             15

Cold Beverages

Appletizer/Grapetizer                25

Coke, Sparberry, Sprite              20

Box Juices                                          12

Cappy Juice                                       20

Mixers                                                  15

Water    Still / Sparkling                15

Glass of Milk                                    10

Special Holidays and Celebrations

Contact us to book your special event.


St Bernards Peak is the perfect location for your destination wedding. Once you see our facilities and what we have to offer, you definitely won’t want to go anywhere else.

Our unique venue can seat 120 guests and our cottages can accommodate up to 50 guests.

Spend your honeymoon with us, tucked away in the mountains and far away from any interruptions. We can help you arrange romantic interludes, picnics, walks, sundowners and candle lit dinners.


There’s nothing quite like a picnic next to a river, a waterfall, a dam or on top a mountain.  We have some amazing picnic spots you can enjoy with a picnic basket packed by us with some delectable bites and cool refreshments.

Are you ready to experience all we have to offer?